Finally... a simple, no BS approach to losing fat, getting lean and LOVING the skin you're in

12 weeks to your strongest, fittest, leanest, most confident body 

  • Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle when trying to shape up and gain muscle?
  • Hate what you see when you look in the mirror?
  • Or do you simply want to feel comfortable in your own skin?

You're in the right place

Hi, I'm Luke aka Captain Positive to my clients.

I’ve helped over 200 men and women not just lose weight, but do so in a way that’s simple, sustainable, and allows them to live their lives, in a body they love and with a physique they feel completely proud of.

Let me tell you a story....

Meet Lisa

Lise Ndukwe

When she first came to me, Lisa’s self-esteem and confidence were pretty low. She wasn’t feeling good about herself - both physically and mentally. She’d been trying (and failing) to lose weight for years, yoyo-dieting and following ALL the fads.

She was feeling frustrated, confused and felt at a complete loss with what to do. It felt like no matter what she tried, nothing worked, and her situation felt hopeless.

Well I was there to say “F*ck that Lisa.

Initially our main focus was on weight-loss and changing her body.

As we got into it, a lot of what we ended up working on had nothing to do with weight-loss, or a number on the scales. As it often the case - it goes much deeper than that.

If you don’t fundamentally like or respect the person you see in the mirror - no amount of weight-loss, toning or exercise is going to help fix that.

Yes, losing weight and looking “good” can help with this, but it’s not the whole picture. With Lisa, we needed to build up her confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. There needed to be a process of learning to love and be happy with herself again.

This doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s SO important. Arguably more important than just the “weight-loss”. And it’s integral to how I coach and work with my clients.

She also lost 12.7kg (that’s 2 stone in old money), 10cm off her waist and hips, got so much fitter and looks f***ing awesome.

But it’s not ALL about that. She’s happy INSIDE and out.


Luke, you literally changed my life. You gave me back my confidence and my self esteem. I love your cheeky, no bullsh*t attitude to things, you keep it real and simple and use everyday products for eating which makes it non daunting and not overwhelming.

I cannot thank you enough - I loved working with you!

I'm SOOO proud of Lisa and everything she achieved. She's a superstar. To find out how Lisa did this and how you can do the same. Click the link below and let's chat.

I can help ANYONE achieve complete body confidence

Lisa’s story is inspiring. But she’s not alone.


Becca Lowthall-Bell

Rumi Kidwai

Rumi Kidwai

Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper

John Stump

John Stump

Becca, Rumi, Laura and John are just a handful of the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with who finally lost pounds, dropped inches and achieved total body confidence.

By being LESS strict with their diet and training, and embracing a very ‘imperfect’ approach to fat loss.

None of them believed it was possible to get the body they wanted and win back their confidence whilst still eating their favourite foods like pizza and ice cream, or by drinking alcohol, or by relaxing their training programme.

But they did.

Members of The Body Confident Academy aren’t made to follow extreme regimes. My clients are actively encouraged to socialise, go out with friends and colleagues, enjoy date nights or family trips away, eat ‘real food’ and drink booze.

Just like my client Linn....

Linn Back

Linn is another Body Confident Academy member who  absolutely SMASHED her goals. Her testimonial says it all:

 "I love your positivity, responsiveness, no BS approach and not being a dick when I drank too much booze

I’ve recommended you to friends and colleagues who whine about not being able to lose weight. I pretty much tell them what I’ve said above, that you have a no-BS approach to weight loss and make it as simple as possible.

It is not a fad diet, there is no cutting out food groups (or alcohol.) It’s simply educating people and giving them the tools to make better food choices"

Linn // Olympic Weightlifter, Lawyer & Official Ass-Kicker

And it isn’t just Lisa, Becca, Laura, John, Rumi and Linn who got results with these methods either. 

Just take a look at...



Tara Lawson


Crystal Waugh


Julia Ireland



Jason Zawadski




They all got their AMAZING results with the Body Confident Academy.

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So what is The Body Confident Academy?

The Body Confident Academy is a 12-week bespoke programme with this key focus:

To get you to love your body AND to give you a body you love. 

Body confidence isn’t walking into a room and thinking you’re the best looking person in there (although if that’s your goal I can definitely help you to smash it).

It’s walking in and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin.

As a member of The Body Confident Academy, I’m going to help you:

  • Lose weight, and tone up
  • Get loads stronger, leaner and fitter
  • Stop the endless cycle of losing and gaining, then bingeing and failing
  • Make long-term,  SUSTAINABLE changes that last forever
  • Slim down and drop clothing sizes - new wardrobe anyone?
  • Love your body and get a BUZZ out of seeing the person staring back at you
  • Gain loads more energy, focus and motivation 
  • And most importantly, gain your confidence and MOJO

All whilst eating your favourite foods, drinking alcohol and socialising with friends and family.

Whatever your goal, I will make it a reality

It could be torching a whopping 50+ pounds

Feeling confident and proud of your body.

Taking off your t-shirt on holiday with no shame or fear

Building muscle and getting a hell of a lot stronger, whilst staying lean.

Being a better role model for your kids and family

Being beach body ready all year round

Losing those last few pounds and really dialling in the final stages of your dream body.

Having sex with the lights turned ON

Or just being able to wear whatever you want every single day

Crystal Notting Hill Carnival
Jason Proud with Kids
Becca Progress
James Pallet New Belt
Lisa Confidence back

Sound good? Let's have a chat.

How does The Body Confident Academy work?

Exercise is boring. Dieting is hell. Right?

Not if you work with me.

Unlike traditional restrictive diets, personal trainers who beast you in the gym or nutritionists who criticise every calorie that passes your lips, I work with you to create a bespoke, sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle whilst still working towards those all important goals.

Love a glass of wine (or four) on the weekend? Me too.

Can’t imagine life without pasta or pizza? 
You don’t have to.

One of my goals with The Body Confident Academy is to empower every client to be their own amazing coach, so they know exactly how to eat foods they love, in any environment and still be able to achieve (and maintain) an awesome body without strict rules and set meal plans."

Restrictive meal plans and insane exercise regimes might work in the short term, but they don’t take into account your schedule, family and social life, line of work, what you actually enjoy eating, or anything like that.

And my biggest bugbear?

They don’t teach you how to have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and exercise for lifelong health and happiness.

As a member of The Body Confident Academy you will receive:

  • A bespoke nutrition plan that changes and evolves with you
  • Free access to the Body Confident Cooking Club
  • A flexible, evidence-based training programme, via my own app  
  • Weekly check-ins with to support, review and keep you on track no matter what 
  • 24/7 support, accountability and coaching from "Captain Positive" aka me

Here is a small selection of Body Confident Academy members who are living their best lives AND smashing their goals:

Kate Lemon
Becca Dress
Harry Graham
Lucy Wilde
John Rogers
Kiri Pearson
Tommy Markham
Julia Ireland
John Rogers

Would you like to follow in their footsteps? 

Hi, I'm Luke, aka Captain Positive

I grew up in Doncaster in the 1980s, back when Findus Crispy Pancakes and Butterscotch Angel Delight were the height of sophistication. It wasn’t until university that I discovered the joy of exercise, and although my student diet was largely liquid, I did meet my wife, Kate - a brilliant cook - and a lifelong love of all things food & exercise began.

Back in November 2015, I was working insane hours as a corporate project director and utterly exhausted when we found out that Kate was pregnant. At the 20 week scan we discovered that our little boy had a rare congenital heart defect that would require risky surgery and suddenly I looked at life through a different lens.

I realised that life is too precious to waste; there’s no time like the present to start living the life you really want.

Fitness had been my passion for years. I’d try out different diets, write up plans for friends and have always loved the sense of achievement you can get from changing your body for the better. 

So I quit my job and retrained as a personal trainer & nutrition coach.

Four years later, and I couldn’t be happier with where I am. I have two amazing kids (Nino aced his surgery with flying colours and now has a little sister, Joy to keep him on his toes) and have helped over 200 men and women to look good, feel great and love their bodies.  

Helping people honestly gives me such a buzz...

So, why work with me?

Some of you don’t yet know what body confidence looks and feels like. My job is to help you identify, and achieve, it, with a simple, no-BS approach to losing fat, getting lean, and LOVING the skin you’re in.

All without having to give up carbs, go cold turkey on junk food, or kill yourself in the gym for hours every week. And all with first-class accountability, high levels of personalisation, and in-depth support from the coach they call ‘Captain Positive.’

Mine is the only programme where you will be personally guided through the process by a pie-loving, beer-drinking, caffeine addicted Northerner, AKA: Me. 

Luke in Pub with Pint

So here I am - ready to help YOU!

Want in? Let's Chat.

What results can I expect?

When you sign up for a service, you want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

But my clients all achieve wildly varied results.


Because The Body Confident Academy members have wildly different goals.

I work with men and women from all walks of life. Some have lofty weight loss goals. Others want to build an athletic physique. And some don’t really care what the scale says - they just want to feel bloody brilliant in their body, every single day.  

Tommy Markham WhatsApp Message

After 12 weeks in The Body Confident Academy, average weight loss is typically between 10 and 40 pounds, 1 to 3 stone (or 5kg to 20kg in new money). 

I realise this is a big variable, but The Body Confident Academy is highly personalised.

There’s no point me saying you’ll lose 40 pounds if you only want or need to lose 10.

Or you might not even care about losing weight and just want to get stronger, leaner & more toned. In which case you can expect to see your waistline drop between 10 to 30cm and be in the market for a new wardrobe.

And whilst those numbers all sound great, they don’t really mean F**K all.

Because "weight-loss" isn't our end goal when we work together.

The most important thing is that your confidence, self belief and self-worth will have gone through the roof.

You’ll look and feel AMAZING, be a shedload stronger, have more energy than a Duracell Bunny and most importantly you’ll have your MOJO back.

And on top of ALL of this - you won’t need me anymore - you’ll have made changes and built sustainable habits and behaviours that last FOREVER.

If you want to stay on as a client after the 12 weeks are done - I’d love to have you - but the point is, you won’t NEED to. 

Here are some of the amazing men and women I’ve had the pleasure of working with these last couple of years:

Andres Roli
Kiri Side
Michael McAuliffe
Josh Doran
Crystal Waugh
Emma Collins
Hollie Carek New Dress
Peita Haircut
Lisa Ndukwe

Would you like to follow in their footsteps? 

And don't just take my word for it... 

Lisa Ndukwe

Tara Lawson

John Rogers

Julia Ireland

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Luke Holding Joy

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